"DYNASTIA" Legal Advisors Office located in Czestochowa at 14 Kościuszki Avenue has existed since 1991 and it is one of the first independent legal offices in the Silesian Region.

The Legal Office conducts on the behalf of individuals and legal entities proceedings within the scope of civil law, administrative law, financial law and criminal law regarding the protection of property interests of wronged persons.

The Legal Office specializes in commercial law, copyrights and protection of intellectual and industrial property rights.

The partners of the Legal Office are widely experienced in conducting proceedings concerning unfair competition within the scope of civil law as well as criminal law.

The Legal Office maintains close relations with the Institute of Inventiveness and Protection of Intellectual Property in Krakow (postgraduate studies, participation in international seminars).

Amongst the most characteristic cases of the profile of the Legal Office the following shall be mentioned:

cases regarding the use of an advertising poster of a large private bank in "Gazeta Wyborcza" newspaper for advertising purposes,
a case regarding the use of advertising elements and gadgets from a TV series for the mass production of labels for the manufactured products
a case within the scope of unfair competition against the Institute of Medicines in Warsaw
cases regarding taking advantage of the goodwill of another entrepreneur
cases regarding the illegal use of commercial databases of customers and partners of another legal entity (including criminal proceedings)
a case regarding the use of the word-graphic trademark of another entrepreneur to label his own products
cases against unfair competition by illegally raising plants
cases against unfair competition regarding forging machines and devices used for the production of medical materials
administrative proceedings aimed at repealing a nationalization decision and many other, similar cases

"DYNASTIA" Legal Advisors Office is a long-standing member of the Polish - French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Warsaw and in Paris.

It also cooperates closely with famous legal offices in Warsaw, Katowice and Krakow and with the leading European market, German Legal Office Wuesthoff & Wuesthoff from Munich which operates within the scope of industrial and intellectual property protection.

Apart from Polish communication in German and in French is also possible.

The Legal Office has provided a wide scope of legal services for business entities from the Silesian province and from the neighbouring provinces as well as for other nationwide and worldwide entities representing the following trades:
- fuel industry,
- automotive industry,
- building and construction industry,
- horticulture and commercial industry regarding the leading hypermarket networks.